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Bl Wh Br Wiring Diagram 3. Wiring diagram bk or or bk 24v ct com 240v 208v 1 - 4 l1 gnd l2 ibm ost evap in exv com spd g low mem sec-1 sec-2 gnd pres e1 e2 auxc aux1 aux2 hum hum r c g w1 w2 y1 y2 b odd p5 p11 rat lat p11 gr br for optional electric heat tb r br gbk wbk wbl y ybl bl gy to thermostat optional connections r br brw pr obl o gy owh ypk brw pr. Nor more than 24 ft.

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Phone Jack 6-conductor RJ11 Category 3 CON-1P-C3-WH Phone Jack 8-conductor RJ45 Category 5e CON-1P-C5E-WH Phone Jack 8-conductor RJ45 Category 6 CON-1P-C6-WH. 369683c 3 032420 LED W ols Multigang and Mixed-Bulb-Type Ratings When installing more than one dimmer in the same wallbox it may be necessary to remove some side sections. There is no GRAY wire it is SLATE The Abbreviation for GR might confuse someone to think Green The abbreviation for Green is GN and not GR.

WIRING DIAGRAM SUPPLEMENT FOR DSG MODELS WITH DDC CONTROLS For complete information and installation instructions for models with DDC controls.

There are many ways to wire a 3-Way Switch. Wiring OR BR LAMP LAMP YL BLWH GNGreen BKBlack WHWhite GRGrey OR Orange BLBlue BRBrown YLYellow BLWHBlueWhite RDRed BLUE The wiring diagram that appears above is for the lamp type denoted by the asterisk Standard Lead Length inches in. Wire the IS plug connector lower section part number 184 425 3 as shown in the following. GR BL BR GY O GR BL BR GY O GR BL BR GY O BOILER L N L N 230V 50Hz 3A RATED V4043H ZONE 1 HTG.